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Finding a perfect fitting bra improves shape, comfort and support, ensuring you achieve a flawless finish every day. 

Discover Wacoal’s bra fitting video and follow the guide below to uncover your perfect fit. 

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The underband supports 90% of the breast weight and should be firm but comfortable, lying flat and sitting horizontally across the back. If the band is too tight and painful, going up a back size would be advised. You should go down a back size if the band is riding up the back and is too loose.  

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The bra cup should seamlessly enclose the breasts, without any spill over or discomfort. You should go up a cup size if your bust is spilling out of the cups, or similarly if you the cups are wrinkled or gaping occurs, then go down a cup size. 

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The straps of the bra should sit comfortably but firm over the shoulders without digging in or slipping off, and will need adjusting accordingly to create the support and lift you desire. Wacoal also offers bra styles with detachable shoulder straps, offering racer back, crisscross, halter and strapless looks. 

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The bra wires should sit flat to the breastbone on top of the ribcage, below the breast tissue without digging in or slipping throughout the day. If the wire sits away from the chest, this means it is too big or if the wire is uncomfortable and digs in, then it is too small. Wacoal also offer non-wired alternatives including Bralette and Soft Cup shape bras.

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Uncover Wacoal's latest collections.

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& uncover your perfect fit.

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Explore Wacoal's variety of bra shapes.

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Discover your Wacoal bra size.